We are going to look into how beers are made in modern day Britain.

Here small introduction in all blog news! In the UK today, there are over 1,424 beer factories or ‘breweries’ as they are called by the professionals. The brewing process will always begin with the core ingredients: the grain. Take a look!

The Modern Day British Beer Production

Many people enjoy having a beer to gulp down in Britain. Be it in the comfort of their own home or in a pub with friends and local comrades.

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The History British Beer Production

Not to create any stereotypical view of the British population and their drinking habits but according to studies only 19% of adults aged 16 said they drink alcohol at all.

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Popular British Pub Food

British pub food holds a certain piece of British heritage. British pub food recipes are much loved recipes that have been revamped to give them a modern twist.

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The History of British Pub Snacks

Pub snacks are not a modern practice introduced in the more industrialized and modern times of humanity.

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