Is the British Pub Now A Tourist Attraction?

The British pub was first introduced to the UK almost 2000 years ago as an Italian wine bar but has now become a major tourist attraction for people around the globe. Overseas visitors prefer to eat in pubs rather than in Michelin star restaurants. This may be because you can find a Michelin star restaurant almost anywhere around the world, but you cannot find a heritage filled and authentic British pub anywhere.

Pubs are a great testament to the British culture and it is amazing to think how they still hold traditional values and practices in a very techno-forward world. Of course, free Wi-Fi and televisions are available in pubs, but they haven’t been invaded by technology to absurd levels as has happened with other aspects of life.

Is the British Pub Now A Tourist Attraction
Is the British Pub Now A Tourist Attraction?

Pubs give tourists a true sense of Britain. It gives them the chance to get a real taste of British food and drink whilst learning about the nations unique culture. When a tourist goes to a pub they will have an increased chance of learning about how pubs started off has ‘tabernae’ in 43 AD when the Roman army invaded the UK. They will also learn how beer was an integral part of British culture for centuries with beers such as ales being made by Britons since 54 BC. The British already had a well-established culture of brewing and drinking beer. Who knew that women who made beer were called ‘ale wives’ and that they made less money if they were unmarried. There were even chief beer inspectors called ‘ale Connors’. If the pub wasn’t a tourist attraction it is easy to see how people would find a bit harder to experience the true British culture.

Even when tourists order an ale in a pub instead of a lager they get the opportunity to learn that ale is an ancient recipe well loved by the inhabitants of Britain. Ale was made by fermenting yeast and other ingredients. Since apples and plums are grown manifold in the UK they were added to the ale for an enhanced and distinctive sweet taste.

Even the names of the British pubs are enriched with bouts of history. Since many people weren’t literate during the 14th century many pubs used signs instead of words to highlight the name or type of pub. This is the kind of information a tourist wants to hear! Something that highlights the beauty and significance of the very pub they are eating and drinking in. Some are called the Black Swan because there was an infamous dirty bird that lived in a pond nearby. Some pubs where even named after the Royal monarchs. Such pubs always attract tourists because if a tourist comes to the UK on of their main focuses will be to visit any area related to the British Monarchy.

The pub is now a highly appreciated and integral part of British tourism and the nation is grateful for the longevity of the British pub.