Looking Inside Victorian Pubs

The interior decoration and furnishings of a Victorian pub is beyond iconic. Every individual piece is a British icon emulating historic value, tradition and hospitality mannerisms. Most pubs will have a touch of Victorian Esque furnishings and decor. Victorian furniture can be described as traditional and woody compared to the eccentric bars and nightclub furnishings we observe. Victorian interior design was for the sole purpose of showing off wealth. Nothing was too expensive when it came to purchase the newest pattern chaise or getting new flooring.

Ever see the ceiling of Buckingham Palace?

It is magnificently ornamented with geometric patterns, flower and swirls. The is called ‘lincrusta’. In the Victorian Pub it was often painted in a dark glossy paint which gave the essence of a cozy home. Since people also smoked indoors the dark ceiling helped disguise the effects that smoke had on the interiors.

The windows of the Victorian pub had a design where the window would have transparent floral designs on the windows. It was essentially a plain window with greyed out sticker designs all over it. They gave privacy for the pub goers while the light grey and ornate designs allowed a certain level of light to penetrate. The floor around the bar area was tiled. This helped as if there was spill it could be easily cleaning without excessive man power being needed. Even if the spill was cleaned instantly tile are easy to remove stains from with a little scrub. The tiled floors were not only just practical but where also easy on the eyes.

Fancy brass door handles where often installed in the Victorian Pub. The solid and large size of the handle gave an essence of reputability for the pub. Some handles where like a large sphere with designs and etchings on it. Some would have swirls and stripes or flowers around them.

The seating was what ultimately made the Victorian Pub a Victorian Pub. The seating usually had velvet or leather covers that were more than often dark red to hide stains that wouldn’t come out after being wiped down. The deep burgundy shade of the chair material gave the Victorian pub a luxurious feel. The chairs were usually being tables or set up as integrated booths. Free standing stools where placed near the bar for the lone drinkers who wished to enjoy a drink by themselves.

Large mirrors were always present in the Victorian Public House. They were good for making the room look much bigger than it was while making the room seem more opulent. The essence of opulence and luxury is a consistent theme for Victorian Furniture. Deep colored materials, expensive ceilings and fancy door knobs where the perfect recipe for a Victorian Pub. These furnishings make the Victorian pub a unique place in a very modern society.