Popular British Pub Food

British pub food holds a certain piece of British heritage. British pub food recipes are much loved recipes that have been revamped to give them a modern twist. British food has been influenced and tinged by foreign conquests and invaders.

The Vikings, were Scandinavian pirates who marked the first stamp of invasion on the United Kingdom. Then came Romans following. They both had their influence on British dishes. Even the French had dashes of influence here and there. This was probably due to its proximity to the UK. Medieval English kitchens were always whipping up tantalizing recipes of exotic fare, and using ingredients commonly used in English pub food today.

You will usually find a curry of some sort being served in a pub. It is usually a chicken curry. Nothing fancy like a rich and embodying biryani but a plain chicken tikka curry. Curry dishes are popular in pubs due to the British Empire’s colonization of India. The English from there, became absolutely obsessed with curry, spicy sauces and condiments. It was much easier for them to know bring spices into the country with huge fees or charges and so the curry reigned!

Pies and Pastries are another English pub favoritee. They are hot, filling and most importantly they give that homely feel if the entire pie is made from scratch. Most English pastries are served by themselves or with some thick cut oven chips.

Steak pies are by far the most popular pub food served in British pubs. They can be made from shortbread crust or puff pastry. Puff pastry is the preferred outer coating. The contents of the steak pie are what make it beyond heavenly. The steak is cut into small pieces, is sautéed and then stewed for hours mingling with onions, small pieces of carrots and homegrown spices. The gravy surrounding the steak becomes thick. The steak pieces become tender and stringy. There will be no chance of getting a big clumpy piece of meat to chew.

Pork Pies and Cornish pasties are another firm pub grub favorite. Pork pies are made from shortbread crust and minced pork while Cornish pasties are made from puff pastry usually filled with beef, onions, potatoes, carrots and swede. Cornish pasties aren’t set on one type of filling and have many different variations.

The globally known fish and chips is often served as pub grub. Oven roasted pork or beef served with gravy, vegetables and Yorkshire puddings make an appearance British pub menus often.

Yorkshire puddings
Yorkshire puddings

Apart from savory foods sweet dishes such as the Bakewell tart are served in pubs. A Bakewell tart is a traditional English short crust confection that has layers of jam, almond flavored cream, and a topping of flaked almonds. Wikipedia Originating from the Tudor times, this sweet and delectable pudding used to be the creme de la creme of sweet treats. Bakewell tarts where thing only of noblemen, with very costly ingredients including butter, sugar and almonds which were not grown in the UK.

From the oriental curries to the luxurious Bakewell pudding it is obvious that the well-loved and commonly observed British pub foods have benefitted from the outer influences without losing its integrity and value.