Unwritten Laws of British Pubs

Pubs are a traditional part of the British lifestyle. The main thing that makes a pub different from a bar is the social aspect as people come to pubs not only to pour out a glass of beer but to socialize also. Other important details of the interior are a pool table or a dartboard because the traditional British pub cannot be imaged without such games. Modern pubs are arranging performances of stand-up comedians, or karaoke competitions. Everything seems simple here: cozy environment, friendly people, traditional fried British food, and a pint of beer, but there are some common rules that must be followed. Otherwise, a huge fight can be initiated and that is also a common thing in British pubs.

Why Britain Seems Strange?

Sometimes, Britain is called the unfriendly country to others. This attitude might be determined by cultural realities and old traditions that are not easily understandable by everyone. However, despite the cosmopolitanism of this country, there are still things that surprise foreigners. Even today, the British people use separate taps for cold and hot water which seeing as the most uncomfortable thing around the world, everything is calculated in a non-metric system, and locals are driving on the opposite side of a road. In the UK, all horses, ponies, and donkeys are required to have a horse passport, and the number of hens exceeds the number of people in England. But did you know that there are unwritten rules in English pubs that should be followed if you do not want to make a fool of yourself?


Want to have a drink? Order it by yourself! In many pubs you will not only have to order at the bar, but also pay immediately. In this way you will not forget to pay the bill and not have to worry about when it will finally be brought.

Everyone pays for drinks in a row. If you come with a group of locals, do not be surprised when your glass of beer is paid for. Here, it is customary to pay a bill to a different member of the company each time you order drinks at the table. Just do not try to share the bill with everyone as it is a sign of disrespect.

Do not rush at the bar. Do not get upset if you see a large crowd at the bar. Typically, a skilled bartender serves everyone in turn, whether the visitors are waiting in line or stand in a squad. No tips. If you enjoyed the service do not leave tips but offer to drink at your expense.

Want to smoke? Go outside! Indoor smoking has been banned since 2007. But feel free to go outside and take the smoke, you can also take your drink with you if you have already paid for it, so no one will scold you. Follow the working hours. Pubs do not open their doors before 11 a.m. but they are working until 11 or 12 p.m. on working days, and even longer on weekends.

Not all pubs are the same. If you noticed that the names of the pubs are the same in many places such as “Red Lion” or “White Horse”, keep in mind that the probability that the pubs of the same name in London and Kingstone will belong for the same owner is practically zero. So, do not compare them out loud.